Ice Age Village: An Icy Experience of A Game

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If there’s one animation movie that catches your attention during your childhood days, that would be Ice Age. Who wouldn’t recall the fun and cute characters of the movie? Sid, Manfred, Diego, Soto, and Scrat – who loves the nuts? Surely, this film has drawn everyone with their cuteness and the story behind all their life.

A few years later, after Century Studios created this amazing animation, Gameloft initiated a move in creating an Ice Age game. The developers called it Ice Age Village. Perhaps, if you’re a big fan of the movie series itself, you may have known what Ice Age Village is about. But for those who are new to the title, we’re here to give you a brief overview and review of the game.

Let’s say that this post will convince you to play the game with your friends – not only on your mobile but also on your PC. Are you ready to know what’s behind the game? Now, let’s dig into the ice age! And maybe – find some nuts too?

Ice Age Village Overall Game Review

Well, what do you expect? Of course, nothing but Ice! The game revolves around helping other animals build and reconstruct their homes and manage the whole community by hatching animal babies and expanding the circle along the way. Well, If it’s not for Scrat’s, who accidentally cracked the Earth’s crust for an Acorn, none of this would have happened.

The overall Casual game of Ice Age Village is certainly unique. With its theme, you can explore a lot in the game more than building and assisting the animals who are in need. If you’re an avid fan of Ice Age even before its age, then you will surely love how the game works.

The game features a unique world and gameplay environment which kids won’t only love. You can play mini-games like Kung Fu Scrat; wherein Scrat tries to hit as many fish as he can. And, Sid’s Egg Rescue where Sids tries to dive into the ocean and avoid creatures underwater to rescue the egg.

Ice Age Village also brings you to participate in fun events that you can discover around the village. This activity will surely allow you to earn more rewards in the game. You can also visit your friend’s village online and see who has a better village than the two of you. Join Scrat and others in their adventures in the Ice Age Village and build a huge community along the way. For sure, there’s more fun stuff to expect in the game when you download it and play it with your friends online.

All in all, the game is pretty unique, with all the casual matches available online. With its Ice Age unique features and theme, it certainly brings justice to the play’s overall impression. There’s a lot more than you can expect from the game itself. Well, it is up to you to discover everything else! Play Ice Village on your PC today.