Angry Birds Transformers: Transforming your Casual Puzzle Gameplay

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Who wouldn’t know the most popular and trending game in 2009? Angry Birds have captured the people’s hearts through their simple and yet addicting puzzle matchup. The game’s goal is very simple: bring down the blocks of birds by tossing an angry bird on the other side. And with that basic rule, it is no wonder that the game hit a huge success in the industry, catering more than 500 million downloads worldwide. Experts in the gaming industry believed that Angry Birds’ success was mainly because of its easy mechanics. For instance, the game is so casual that even a five-year-old kid can accomplish the game levels.

A few years later, Rovio Entertainment created more Angry Birds themed games in their collection. They even made a series of original games like Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Epic, Angry Birds Star Wars, and many more. Each game consists of different mechanics and features that you can freely enjoy. And one of the popular series that they have created is the Angry Birds Transformers.

Autobirds vs Deceptihogs

Although you might know the game works, Angry Birds Transformers roles in a different kind of gameplay. Have you seen an alien robot angry bird? If not, then this is the opportunity for you to see the Autobirds. Playing the game will enable you to assemble various heroes with unique skills and abilities. You’ll also get the chance to unlock vehicles in the game. And since the game is all about Transformers, you can upgrade your Autobirds into a more potent and powerful character to fight against the Deceptihogs.

The game also allows participants to tag with your team and borrow some of your friends’ characters to unleash a high-powered bot. Remember, the game is not only about winning. It is about building a well-built bot throughout the level. With Angry Birds Transformers, leaving the slingshot at home and taking your moves to the next level is the best thing that you can do.

So, prepare to destroy and battle against the Deceptihogs and transform your bots into an intense phase! And oh, did we mention to you that you can transform the bots? Well, yes, you can transform them and use their abilities to win the match surely.

Best of Both Worlds

All in all, Angry Birds Transformers is still a recommended game to play. Of course, this game goes well with those avid fans of the movie and comics Transformers. It’s generally a good game series that must be on your desktop’s right now. Even if the gameplay is way too different from the original, Angry Birds Transformers brings an exciting and challenging matchup to its players. Who wouldn’t want to have superpowers, right?

Besides, what Rovio did with the game itself is pretty amazing. They created a game series on their own, but they try to interact with their players through these collaborative acts. Now, everyone’s quite wondering what could be the next addition to the Angry Birds Game series?