Gods of Boom: The Overall Review & Game Background

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One of the best and dynamic Players versus Player games right now is Gods of Boom. If you haven’t heard of the game, then checking this post might help you a lot. We’re here to help you know how the game works and if it would be best for you to download and try it with your friends. For sure, the answer will be yes, especially when you’re an avid fan of first-person multiplayer shooting games.

We don’t want to keep you waiting, so let’s begin and start shooting!

God of Boom Game Background

Before going through the gameplay, knowing a bit about God of Boom would be best. This portion is best for those players who are just starting to play the match with friends. But, if you’ve been playing the game for a long time, you can still read through some of the informational data here. Who knows? You might get some tips along the day!

The Game God of Boom was previously known by many as Guns of Boom. Originally, the game is only set to launch for Mobile Games. Thus, with all the various platforms available online, you can also play the unblocked version of it on your PC. The game was published by Game Insight and was released on May 16, 2017.

Speculations had circulated the community when Guns of Boom changed its name to God’s Boom. Many players reacted to this kind of move with a divided reaction saying it was necessary to do but still a bad move. Although this event led to the confusion of many, the developers were sure about changing the game name of the match.

In the end, the creators pointed out that the game has always been against war and violence. So, maybe it’s just the name that changed. After all, Gods of Boom has catered millions of downloads across the world up until this day. So, what’s to lose?

Gameplay Review

If you have played a lot of FPS multiplayer games, pretty sure you’ll think that God of Boom is unique with its graphics. You can say that the game comes with an engaging pattern and deals with the characters and environments itself. Truly, as compared to its game contenders, the graphics are a bit different.

Gods of Boom draws to more dynamic and vivid visuals with its distinct character pools. Most players define God of Booms as a “cartoon” theme fps shooting game because of its design and theme.

On the other hand, the controls of the game are also manageable and easy to use. Now, this technique enables players to rank up without having a hard time. The game also focuses on the team who’s having higher points in the match. With this, players can get rewards and other prizes that they achieve.

When the game was equated with PUBG and other FPS games, the result showed that the God of Boom still needs to earn a lot. Players have seemed to acknowledge PUBS more than Gods of Boom, mainly because of the gameplay itself. Although God of Boom may seem to have an attractive sight, the players are still eyeing on having a great experience on the battlefield.

Good, Maybe Not Perfect

There have been constant comments about Gods of Boom in terms of cheating and rules in the game. Another issue that players recalled is that it is a pay to win a game – which is certainly not a good thing for all players.

Overall, Gods of Boom is a great FPS game with a dynamic game visual that will surely get you off the hook. However, developers need to take action towards the cheating in-game and the rules initiated in the match. This activity might be the possible reason why the game’s download rank went down over time. But for sure, the developers are managing their ways in solving this problem with the game.

Suppose you have time to try and test it on your own. Download and Play Gods of Boom now! You can also visit Games.lol for more free games on your PC!